About us

We are a team of specialists who have been searching for and categorizing counterfeits for decades.

Studying the technology for making replicas and counterfeits.

Gaining hands-on experience in recognizing artifacts and works of art. Issuing a Licensed Assessment and Certificate of Authenticity! Our team can be delicate, which is an added advantage for our customers.

Our clients include the Museum and private collectors, as well as the restorers and artists of contemporary art. We are also hired to decorate and arrange more than one museum collection as well as galleries.

We assist in the insurance and collection of transport of art objects as well as their storage. Our motto is that “two opinions are always more than one, and three opinions are always more than two.”

Our goals are to help combat counterfeiting in any nature – archeological, historical and numismatic. Our tips are expensive, but we would add that they are invaluable.