Jan 28, 2020

Art expert Stefan Proynov: How to make a false picture?

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Art expert Stefan Proynov: How to make a false picture?

Art expert Stefan Proynov tells how to sell a fake painting. In Bulgaria, services have seized an attempt to cheat paintings by renowned Bulgarian artist Zlatio Boyadzhiev.

Counterfeiters have used old picture frames since the beginning of the century, and counterfeiters themselves used an old canvas to paint a copy on it with different aging techniques, with the painting very close to the original at the end. The only problem is that they offered it for sale to the owners of the real one.

They alarmed the services and were thus caught by fraudsters – an antique dealer and a counterfeiter. Stefan Proynov always gives the same advice that “two opinions are always more than one and three opinions are always more than two”.

If you are the subject of a fraud attempt, be sure to report the services to save not only yourself but others like you.

Art expert: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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