Dec 9, 2019

Counterfeit Art

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Counterfeit Art факе арт

Counterfeit art or an easy way to make money! Fake artifacts are driven by their greed, but they are helped by the greed of the traders, which is why we at fakeart keep repeating that “two opinions are always more than one and three opinions are more than two.” Counterfeiters have always been and will be around from ancient times.

Known antique counterfeits made in antiquity from the very beginning of the monetary system.
There were them in Egypt and Thrace, there were in ancient Hellas and in Rome, they are known during the Byzantine era and to this day.

But there have always been experts to recognize the fake from the real one. For large payments, there have always been experts to ensure that a mint is authentic.

Even today, banks have been trained by banks to recognize the original counterfeit.

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