Jan 23, 2020

Counterfeit imitation of the barbaric imitation

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Counterfeit imitation of the barbaric imitationBarbaric imitation
Philip II’s barbaric imitation has a double drachma. This is a small limited edition series of imitation of antique imitation and has been circulating for over 25 years. They are made from a low silver sample of 500.

The low silver sample is much more difficult to process and it is quite difficult to make such a coin without defects. In this case, however, the uglier the coin looks, the more it looks like barbaric imitation. No one would doubt that someone would make such an ugly coin even more that someone would imitate imitation.

From some media in Bulgaria, even a photo of these coins is captioned: “America brought back antique coins”. Small, limited series of counterfeits to this day are on the market as originals. No one can imagine that such a low market value coin can be counterfeited, but the volume, if large, the low value becomes the big one.Barbaric imitation

The truth is that in this case no more than 1000-1300 pieces circulate. Therefore, always consult because “two opinions are always more than one and three opinions are more than two” only so that when you trust experts you can protect yourself. We hope you found it helpful. Stefan Proinov works on the article.

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