Jun 16, 2020

Do you know about the Bulgarian Bermuda Triangle: People disappear, planes fall for no reason…

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Do you know about the Bulgarian Bermuda Triangle: People disappear, planes fall for no reason…

Dangerous area in Bulgaria is a duplicate of the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon, reveal world researchers and mystics. Strange things are happening above the Trayanovi Vrata pass – people are disappearing, mythical creatures are appearing, planes are crashing for no apparent reason. Locals are convinced that the place is cursed, and the story supports their claims.
In the summer of 1969, somewhere above the Trayanovi Vrata pass, our plane crashed. A search for the motorless machine was immediately organized. At that time, these things were not talked about or written about in Bulgaria. The crash remains a complete secret and only people directly involved in the planes and State Security knew about the incident.

The motorless machine was piloted by a pilot who died. They are looking for him and the wreckage of the plane for 4 days. Then there were no satellites, the technique was significantly more basic and with fewer possibilities than today. But the area of the Trayanovi Vrata pass is not large either, so that not all seekers can find a plane and a person for so long. Almost on the morning of the fifth day, the burned machine was found. There were also charred parts from the pilot.

Experts were surprised by the tragedy because the pilot was experienced, but the black box showed that he had failed to control the turbulence and the air pit above Trajan’s Gate literally sucked him in and knocked him to the ground. All this gave rise to a definite decision – no more planes to fly over this place. And this has been the case for 48 years. The area is also known for other strange phenomena.

People from neighboring villages report abductions, and among the victims linked to this day are five people who have disappeared without a trace. Angel Radev, Petar Svilenov, Stoyan Dimchev, Tsonka Prometeeva and Haralampi Buzev have not been found so far. They disappeared within 2 years – between 1971 and 1973, and their relatives can not explain what happened to this day. In addition, a strange whistling sound was heard around the fortress Markova mehana to the passage Trayanovi vrata. This happened in the evening, when it got dark. The locals considered the strange sounds to be the work of fairies or other mystical creatures. But in 1975 the fortress Markova mehana was studied by archaeologists. They were shocked by the strange energy gathered here.

In fact, the place has a bloody history of centuries. It was here that the army of Tsar Samuel held the greatest victory over the Byzantine Emperor Basil II in 986. The Trayanovi Vrata Pass was one of the few places through which one could pass from the Sofia plain to the Upper Thracian lowland.

Therefore, all who ruled it, defended it fiercely, starting with the Thracian tribe Bessi. After them come the Romans and the Byzantines. It is believed that the passage was named after the Roman emperor Trajan, who made a residence here and died there.

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