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Fake roll scam from 1925

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Fake roll scam from 1925

Fake roll scam from 1925
Prez 1924 Bulgaria is torn from the economic crisis. Despite the fact that banknotes worth 4 billion leva are being sold, Balgarska Narodnaya Bank is in dire need of an additional amount of banknotes. At the announcement, the Administrator will send a message to the BNB to take a decision for the spoilage on a new issue of banknotes with denominations of 500, 1000 and 5000 leva.

Celebrate the ostratum of poverty and lip service in time, the bank is forced to see and damage the banknote itself from 5000 leva, and then not to a foreign land, but to the balgarskat D’rzhavna printer. The printing press is incredibly brzo porchkata. The very next 45 days, after the month of October 1924, start a series of emisiyat sa pusnati into communion. New banknotes from 5000 levs of the name of the population, “botevki”, ty kato for parvi pt varkhu balgarska banknote e a portrait was printed on a historical person and the same on a golemiat the revolutionary Hristo Botev also sings.

The trail has been smashed little by little by the nay-golyamata group of falsifications in the history of Bulgaria. The main organizers for banknote counterfeiting are sa bivsh hostilnichar, merchant and bivsh kasier banks. If you need more equipment and a quality charter from the organizer, you will be overwhelmed by Vienna. For the sake of the incompetence of the si with respect to the printing technician, two mates, the falsifiers begin to send a request to the local newsletter, and the engineer-expert in printing technician hurriedly rushes.
The trail of falsifiers has been formed in Bulgaria by a group of counterfeiters and glorified for work. Imitate the new banknotes from 5000 leva from the portrait to Hristo Botev, which, according to the togavashen rate, equals to about 36 dollars. Knock a zvezdat on a fake plaque with great strength. In a short time, almost 10,000 brochures of counterfeit banknotes were printed. The quality of the counterfeit banknote is undeniable. For yes, do not beat in the eyes and do not anticipate the removal of the khorat, fake banknotes diligently preminate the pre-processing for the aging. Every single counterfeit banknote e mackan and snatched.

Single brokies of sa plasirani in Turgovski obekti, without yes will induce a gram of mistrust in tyakhnata originality.
Tarseiki burz and lesen start for plasiran on golems of the amount of finished products, put fake stuff on the groupat for being unpredictable and, naively, start out for action to the right of the cashier on BNB. Kasiert willingly accepts and replaces the counterfeit banknotes from the true right of the vault to a banknote, sorting out a serious percentage. Agreed on November 17, 1925, to replace counterfeit goods for 15 million leva with a true banknote from the bankat. For the evil part of the falsification on the sreshhata instead of the Kasier, the police appear. In the course of two weeks, arrest will not cease. Bank notes are all parties involved in banknote production. Next, the business is noisy and you just have to go to the head of the organizer.

Replace false banknotes with an exceptionally high quality, and if you have ogled, they will be able to get lost in time for the main cashiers at the BNB. Please, the reason is still in the next year of “botevkite” that the banknotes from 5000 leva were replaced with new banknotes from 5000 leva, printed in the London firm, “Bradburry, Wilkinson & Co”. Taka adventure nai – golyamata fake scam in the Kingdom of Bulgaria.
Tazi history explains why today tazi banknote struve stabbing denomination. And if sigurni is better, than d’rzite in the district of true “Botevka”!

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