Sep 10, 2020

Massive gold bracelets

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Massive gold bracelets

Massive gold bracelets made by a Bulgarian master, which will most likely be offered as a real ancient artifact from the Hellenistic period.

Although they are a mixture of styles and influence on the part of the counterfeiter, the determining factor is their price, because it will dazzle the common sense of the trader and tip the scales in favor of fraudsters.
Here, in addition to a mixture of styles, there is something that makes an impression – they are processed so that their very radiance with that amber color of the time. They look very good as a broadcast and would deceive even experienced connoisseurs of ancient history.

Only people with great knowledge would feel that this is a very good forgery.
Therefore, dear friends, always consult experts, after all, money is yours and do not throw it to the wind in the name of your passion for history.

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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