Mar 23, 2021

Matrix defects are sometimes from a damaged matrix.

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Matrix defects are sometimes from a damaged matrix.
Here we see a cracked matrix and broken steam from it.

You can see the damaged matrix creating a damaged coin.
Sometimes such coins become rarer when they have a history.
In every mint there are people who make sure that such coins do not damage the mints, but alas, we see a coin that has managed to come into use.

Such coins should be melted down.
And such matrices should be scrapped by a commission with the necessary documents for that.
These are technological problems that can occur in any mint in the end, these are metals that wear out, undermine and have a certain number of lives in each matrix.

In ancient times, for example, there were matrices made of bronze, the life of which was far shorter than that of steel due to the quality of the two metals.


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