Apr 11, 2021

Mysia, Kyzikos.

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Mysia, Kyzikos.

Some of the oldest coins in history.
Mysia, Kyzikos. Electrum staters. Lion facing left and Tunny fish behind. Circa 550-450BC. 20mm. Average 16.16g. VF

A heavy solid full stater of electrum (a natural occurring alloy of gold and silver), these were one of the oldest coins in existence (preceded by the Ionian and Lydian coins). These alloys were used primarily because refinement of gold and silver was still in it’s infancy or probably because it is deliberately left as is as a debased form for profit by the authorities. I personally find these electrum more interesting than pure gold itself as it gives the coin an archaic and pale gold lustre. Whilst lower denominations like trites, hektes etc were reasonably available, heavy full staters are rare.


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