Apr 6, 2021

Stefan Proinov: Are there erotic coins in ancient Rome?

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Stefan Proinov: Are there erotic coins in ancient Rome?

According to Stefan Proinov, there are no such coins. These are the Spintries, tokens or Tesseras are called differently, but they are a substitute for money. In ancient Rome, there was a law that forbade paying with coins with the face of the emperor in brothels. It was considered obscene to pay with imperial coins in such places. There were Romans sentenced to prison and even to death, who paid for the services with coins that had the face of the emperor on them.

Therefore, the owner of the brothel had previously, elsewhere, exchanged tokens for official Roman coins. There were different brothels that met the standards and they had different fees, which is why today there are three types known – bronze, silver and gold Spintries. The Hellenic companions were paid with gold tokens and their services were used by the highest aristocrats of ancient Rome.

Silver tokens were used by wealthy nobles and merchants, and bronze tokens were used by Soldiers and ordinary citizens. Spintries usually depict on the front side an erotic motif of sexual acts from the reverse is a figure in the range I – XVI. Some argue that the figure corresponds to the fees paid for the token, while others theorize that this is the number of visits to which the token holder is entitled. Stefan Proinov, expert in ancient and ancient art: The figure is the price of the service for a single visit.

According to the type of metal, Silver, Gold and Bronze is also the quality of the service they receive. In the elite homes they had the right to food and drink as well as a bath, while in the ordinary brothels they did not have such privileges. Some researchers suggest that some of the tokens depict homosexual acts between men. The moral values of the Romans differ from those of the ancient Greeks, and for the Roman it is important to be on the active side in sexual intercourse. They had three simple rules:

1. You should always be the active party / it doesn’t matter with a man or a woman /.

2. Adultery with a inferior / slave, non-citizen, etc./, not forgetting rule 1.

3. Never do fellatio / French love /. See they do to you is allowed. These are part of the norms in which the Romans were brought up in pride after all they were masters of the world and therefore imposed such rules that every respectable Roman observes: Because fellator from Latin translates (blower) or worse cinaed ( male prostitute), this is associated with the defeated party.

And the mouth, especially of an Emperor or a senator or a statesman, is perceived almost as a sacred legislative body. Therefore, if you call someone (fellator) or (cinaed) you question his social status, his dominant function in bed is closely related to his dominant role in society as it is a public insult and borders on treason for him, because he is defiled. Today, these norms and codes of honor are unfortunately forgotten and it is a public secret that many statesmen are defiled. At the entrance to the brothels – brothels, customers could exchange their coins with spintries or, as we call them, Tessera, although “tessera” translates as “plate”, which can be called a schedule of visits and hence their name “Tesseri” .

The active dominant form is a meeting in many historical sources and is recreated in the Cinema even as the scene from “Live from Golgotha”, in which Nero decides to respect the future Saint Timothy, who is going to justify himself, but I am active, not passive “, and Nero cuts it off” you were ever active “. Or in the films about Caligula where the blessing of marriage from the emperor passes through the self-sacrifice of the future groom. In the end, however, I,

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