Oct 13, 2021

Stefan Proynov: Be careful, they released fake 2nd cent. since 1981

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My name is Stefan Proynov and I work in the field of analysis of ancient coins and objects. I want to warn the general numismatic community that counterfeit 2 stotinki coins have appeared since 1981. The chemical composition of the metal does not correspond to that used then, but greed can blind anyone.

For now, copies are available on the black market at a price of BGN 500. as a copy with the stipulation that there are about 20 produced. Stefan Proynov: Certification companies are already aware of this matrix.

It is noteworthy that on the back – the edge of the coin there is a noticeable difference in the grains of the granular circle. It is obvious that the denominations are pressed with a cold press in order to preserve the natural shine of the metal. One incandescence can give shades of metal and different colors when burning the contaminated surface. The pressure is not calculated as calculated in the mints.

There are many differences in the pentacles and edges in the letters and iconography, but the best criteria for the fastest recognition is the striking difference of the grainy circle of the reverse. Stefan Proynov: Two opinions are always more than one, and three opinions are always more than two. When buying rare coins, always trust numismatics experts.

That is why the certification companies give a guarantee.

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