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Stefan Proynov: Pankration is the first successful synthesis between all martial arts long before gladiators appeared

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Stefan Proinov: Pankration is the first successful synthesis between all martial arts long before gladiators appeared

Stefan Proynov: An expert in ancient and ancient art claims that the first martial synthesis of Pankration was derived from the adjective “Pankrates” which means (All inclusive or) or (With all its might) something like the name Vale tudo. It was a supreme test for martial arts of the ancient athletes He made his first debut at the 33rd Olympic Games in 648 BC But he existed as a systematized martial art long before that he soon became the most popular part of any ancient Greek sport. Severe injuries and deaths were common in combat.Those who wanted to train Pankration did so in Palaestri (training halls) where they trained separately from each other boxers and pankrationists.

From the ceilings in the halls hung sacks on which blows were trained. Some coaches recommended kicking to train on logs. Many of the fighters could kick an enemy hidden behind a shield.

It was practiced in pairs, and the technique was learned with progressive complication. Beginner pankrationists first had to learn the basic technique before they started sparring with other fighters. During sparring, protective equipment such as gloves and ear protectors were used. They trained for endurance, flexibility, abdominal press, there was also a box with a shade called skiamachia, which helps to increase the condition. or back.

The participants in the battles were drawn by lot from a silver urn. The fighters went out naked and smeared with oil. The palms and forearms were wrapped in leather straps. When Pankration appeared in Rome, the fighters there began to wear protective protectors for their genitals. The Romans also used deadly box-like devices to inflict terrible wounds.

The Greek style of Pankration, however, remained true to the pursuit of high skill and respect for the enemy, and did not degenerate into an ordinary carnage. The Pankrationists usually began the fighting by inflicting short fists or palms on the head. Here were the introductory maneuvers called crocheirismos, and each fighter had his favorite stance technique. A Scythian athlete was called “Fingertip” because his specialty at the beginning of the fight was to break the opponent’s fingers. The different provinces and city-states also had their preferences. The Spartans who trained diligently in pankration but did not compete (because did not include everything!) preferred powerful cuts to throw opponents to the floor while the Greeks were masters of suffocation.Some arm twists were also used in stance, but the main means were punches and kicks in the stomach or genitals.Kickings higher than the stomach they were never applied from a stand, but only to a downed competitor.

Very popular was the technique of the fighter grabbing the opponent’s hair, pulling it down while applying the uppercut to his throat or face. Demolition by grasping one leg and lifting it upwards was also used. Some fighters escaped by leaning on their heads and arms.

However, there was always a situation where the fight took place on the ground and then the blows gave way to grappling, suffocation and keys. The most popular suffocation was similar to the technique in judo known as (hadakakime) in which one hand is placed across the throat or carotid artery.

Klimakismos was a technique in which the fighter on the back covered the other with his legs across the abdomen and applied suffocation in the upper way. There was also throwing over the back with a leg resting on the abdomen (tomoe nage in judo).
Victory was judged either when the opponent gave up (he showed this by patting his opponent on the shoulder or raising his hand) or when he was killed.

In the article (How our ancestors fought) I mentioned a pankration match in 564 BC. when the champion Arichion of Figalia fights for the last time. His opponent clung to his back and suffocated Kilimakismos. In his attempt to escape, Jericho wrapped his leg around the opponent, thus applying a wrench to his ankle and throwing himself on the ground. The other fighter’s leg was broken and he surrendered, but it turned out that Jericho died. His victory was posthumously awarded.

It is not possible to say with certainty whether pankration was part of the training of the ancient Greek soldiers. Some authors believe that it was brought from the wars of Alexander the Great to India and from it the eastern martial arts were born, but this is doubtful. had its own methods of combat training to survive.
Stefan Proynov: What is important for pankration is that it was the first successful synthesis between all martial arts. These duels are many centuries before the appearance of gladiators who are far more bloodthirsty and the sport becomes a massacre for

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