May 22, 2021

Stefan Proynov: Scandinavian gold ducat worth 260,000 euros

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Stefan Proynov: Scandinavian gold ducat worth 260,000 euros

Stefan Proynov tazi row Scandinavian gold ducat from 1644. All appearing in time, once the severity of theft in Sweden, was led by the robber Gustav II Adolf, now turning into a European great power. It was togawa that the gold coin was cut off in Riga, showing the daughter of Christina, born in 1626, at the time on the neynoto kachwan on the throne for 18 years of age. Near the 13th year, there was a visit to the Bascha, koito zagiva prez of 1632, the prince was taken in by the prince and he stole, it is uncommon for the rulers to come to Europe. Christina of Sweden was confused for her energetic and strong-willed personality, she brought the war prez 1648 for the end of the 30-year-old war. On the face – the obverse on the coin for the value of 6 ducat kralitsat, became known among the kralskite household in Europe with food and mischief, it is depicted as richly decorate clothes. The inscription is about the right to show the title on the owner, and the inscription on the front of the reverse is given because of the pride from the development and power of Sweden. These coins were not sold for a wide use and they are not read freely, it is precisely the zarad tova Proynov tvrdi, which until our days will reach a unit from tyakh. In the basin of the epoch, base coins for trade, save and copper.

It should be remembered that last month in March 2011 the unity is known until the date of the copy from the coinage, until the moment it was published in a private collection, reaching a record price of 364,000 dollars (260,000 euros) per trg. Christina Shvedska e Krallica (1632 – 1654). Tya dominion over Sweden (1633 – 1654) from crawling titlite kralitsa in Shvede, gothite and vandalite, great princess in Finland and dukesa in Ingria, Estonia, Livonia and Karelia. Honestly, the catho Kralitsata of Wars is depicted at stake. Rodin e on December 7, 1626 in Stockholm, Sweden. That was the only thing that legalized the kidnapping by Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora from Brandenburg. On the 6th year of Christina inheriting the throne in Sweden, the trace of the smrtt on the bascha si, podpognat from the regency began with the vision of the aristocrat Axel Oxenshierna. The prez of 1636 is separated from the harmful influence on the neurotic side of the shirt and falling under the guardianship of Bishop Johannes Matia, who was willing to go to Gustav Adolf and I was taken into custody.

Crowned at her birth in 1644, but she is still the forerunner of Oxenshierna I cann’t baptize into kralskiy suet Self-willed and eccentric, Christina has been removed from the soil and contradict it. Svremenitsite is convinced that she is beggarly without reminding her wife, sanctified the polt. Silna, from the front, is stern, but also intelligent, she is a young woman, her brother Carl Gustav is in her own brotherhood, Karl X is walking around, who stopped near the coronation of Si. Togava reshava yes not se omzhva, but yes oguri for him the throne and yes abdikir. Oxenshierna (the veche itself is the chancellor) and the governing body will oppose it, but in vain. By the time of the crisis from 1650, it was predicted from generously prakhosvane on betting from kralitsat and from everywhere sold on koronni zemi, persuading parliament and accepting a neynoto decision.


In the next year, you officially received the Catholic priest. Settling in Rome and not including itself in society and cultured belly, but also in the administration of the papskite of ownership. Kato kralitsa without darzhava, the protection of many artists and projects. By the time of the Frensko-Spanish war, koyato se led the prez of the 50 years of ima role for preminaneto on papata from spanish to frenska country. The President of 1656, having agreed with Mazarin, was disputed from Compienne, so that the French would receive papal blessings so they could take possession of Naples for her, and thee and him will bequeath him in the presence of smrtta si. The trail disappeared on the Tosi, which marked the rest of the time in Rome, for the whole family in the election for the Pope, reinforcing the art and propaganda of the idea for a noble campaign against the Ottoman Empire. Died on April 9, 1689 in Rome at 62 years of age.


You are one of the little things, buried in the Vatican grotto. To this day, the tazi coin itself is not known with a neiniyat lik – I do not know how far away wars are, or if I am married, I don’t know the unity of the Scandinavian ducat. Stefan Proinov, an expert on ancient and ancient art, was sold by nyakoga. Numismatics pazar obicha artefacts with history, and tazi coin for Christina Swedish e nasitena with history, refractions and historically beaten, tazi coin is not underestimated spormen, kazva Proinov, bumpy and struva are far more, but in extreme terms the product is of interest and the price for every single flow of this form is spared and offered, and the price for an artifact or coin is honored e tazi, which is se dava, and not which one wishes and is achieved.

The picture shows a duplicate for a coin on Christina Shvedska.

The picture shows a duplicate for a coin on Christina Shvedska. Nadyavame behold, why don’t you help us!

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