Mar 21, 2021

Stefan Proynov: Srbski mitnichari with goals a blow to the imanyarskata mafia

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Stefan Proynov: Srbski mitnichari with goals a blow to the imanyarskata mafia
Stefan Proynov in front of press blvd .: Srbski mitnichari of zadrzhah golyama archaeological collection from over 2 hilyadi antiquities items from different periods, koito ce opitaha da ukrainian from kamion park. Valuable is the smuggling of e zardzhan in the night on December 29 at the GKPP on Srbska Tsarnia. Kolektsiyata e was transferred from a camion with a Romanian number, which was a 46-year-old citizen of Serbia. Dissuade the one to ask questions on mitnicharit, why bother with two torbies of bonboni and stop, put it in the mitnic documents. With a detailed ogled in the cabinet, you should open antikite from the Bronze Age, the Byzantine period, the Middle Ages, objects from the ancient Slavs and Kelti. In general, the ministers will draw 2113 articles, medium koito visulki, prusty, various instruments and orzhia, one golam kamk and nyakolko small metal figurines. Sredo orzhiyata imashe sell a lot for a copy, arrows, bradvi and bozdugani. Spored Stefan Proynov These artifacts have been picked up from year to year and after taking pictures of the lychees, all the items have been professionally processed, preserved and stocked up. Tova e golam a blow to the international imanyarska mafia, the protection of the treasures of the sa kupuvani from the past year and so seized kam illegal pazar in Germany, and from there kam celiyat saint and sash
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