Jan 17, 2020

The Kiss of Time – Patina

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The Kiss of Time - Patina

The Kiss of Time – Patina How is patina made? Patina is the kiss of antiquity. Different metals form different oxides on their surface. The patina also depends on the soil in which the artifact lay.

Acidic soils, clayey or sandy soils, form different oxides. The chemical composition of the metal and it is of great importance as there were different impurities in different eras and this distinguishes the artifacts. Atmospheric conditions also affect. An experienced expert when he sees the patina of an object and can date the object from what era it is, in what soils it lay and under what conditions it was.

The patina tells a lot about the artifact. A true expert and restorer knows how to clean and preserve an object or coin.
Unfortunately, there are many counterfeiters on the black market who further process objects and coins without the necessary knowledge and technology to do so and often break the patina and then try to fool experts and collectors by using chemicals and fighting to erase the defects they have made.

Remember “two opinions are more than one and three opinions are more than two” and when in doubt, an artifact does not buy it! Greed is the most loyal ally of fraudsters and forgers.
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