Dec 27, 2019

The most elite auction houses in the world

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The most elite auction houses in the world

The most elite auction houses in the world
They sell paintings, jewelry and antiques to millions. When the rich want to sell a valuable auction item, they call one of these companies.
Check out the 5 Most Elite Auction Houses in the World:
5. China Guardian

The luxury goods market in China is growing and it is no wonder that one of the most expensive auction houses in the world is located here.
It was founded in 1993. It sells mostly art objects from China, such as paintings, porcelain and more.
In 2013, sales were for $ 5.86 billion.

4. Poly International Auction Company
It is based in Beijing and was founded in 2005. It has offices in Shanghai, Japan and Taiwan. Last year, sales totaled $ 7.88 billion.
3. Heritage Auctions
It was founded in 1976 and is based in Dallas. He sells mostly coins, old books, manuscripts, Civil War items in the US, and more.
Its 2013 earnings totaled nearly $ 917 million.
A lot of auctions are going online.

2. Sotheby’s
It was founded in London in 1744. Today there are 90 locations in 40 countries. The head office is in New York. It is divided into three sections – auctions, finance and dealers.
In March 2012, the house sold the $ 120 million painting by Edward Munk Vic.

1. Christie’s
Christie’s was founded in 1766. It has 85 offices in 43 countries, including China, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Italy and more. There are two main offices – in London and New York.
Since 1988 it has been a private company.
Last year, sales totaled $ 6.18 billion.
In November 2013, the company set a record by selling Three Studies of Lucian Freud to Francis Bacon for $ 142.4 million.

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