Feb 21, 2020

They are robbing one of the largest collectors in the world

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They are robbing one of the largest collectors in the world

They are robbing one of the largest collectors in the world They are currently robbing one of the largest collectors in the world! In Bulgaria, the Mafia, which has a state, uses levers of power to rob businessmen, banks, investors, and even collectors. 75% of the territory of Bulgaria is historically overpopulated and our land is filled with ancient artifacts from 6-7000 years BC.Vasil Bozhkov

One of the biggest Bulgarian businessmen is named Vasil Bozhkov, but he is also the biggest collector. Saves from Export, from the Mafia Antiques for over $ 700,000,000. It is a cultural and world heritage site, but unfortunately the political mafia has invaded his home, his offices, his museum.Vasil Bozhkov

Such a thing can only happen during war and there is such a thing in Bulgaria, but the mafia is against the people, and the world security organizations somehow close their eyes.Vasil Bozhkov

The man creates a foundation and begins to buy and save monuments of cultural and religious importance of national and global importance. What will become of these objects masterpieces of ancient art, searched, bought and restored to remain for future generations, we do not know, but most likely they will be replaced and stolen, most likely stolen and sold because the mafia in our country does not interested in World Heritage and money, a lot of money!Vasil Bozhkov

With this publication we look at all institutions with the institutional right to intervene and stop this robbery of history and ancient knowledge. Bequeathed to all of us from ancient times!

Source: bultimes.net

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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