Feb 20, 2020

Treasure seekers and the golden fleece before and now!

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Treasure seekers and the golden fleece before and now!

Treasure seekers and the golden fleece before and now! Since the world has existed, so have treasure seekers. The easy way to get rich has always been desirable and there will always be people who dream for riches and there will always be those who hide their riches. And so it has been since the world has existed. Here is yet another exhibit of metal detectors and treasure hunter equipment.

This is a huge industry. One of the earliest prospectors of gold has been described in antiquity, and these are the ones who go to search for the gold fleece of Jason. The truth is that this is an ancient method of collecting gold by placing a ram’s skin at the bottom of a river of gold, and so the small gold grits are tangled in the wool and collected. From there comes the myth of the Golden Fleece.

Now this industry is very large and gold and treasure are otherwise sought – by machinery and machinery. It is a profession for people dreamers, adventurers and those seeking an easy way to get rich, but it is also quite interesting among the wildlife in the ruins of ancient cities filled with secrets and ancient maps, knowledge that often exceeds the knowledge of archaeologists even.

There must be laws in place for this profession so that it does not border on the illegal and that historical monuments and mounds are not destroyed. One important thing is that when you come across such coins or objects you need to date and evaluate them and two opinions are more than one and three opinions are more than two so we are art experts!

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