Feb 19, 2020

Why do most statues go off without heads?

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Why do most statues go off without heads?

Why do most statues go off without heads? Already in antiquity every occupier and every conqueror imposed his own laws and rules, but also his idols and gods, which is why so many of the statues today are found without heads.

A register of open chapters and statues is needed to help them be completed and restored, but there is no one to deal with. This is my idea from 15 years ago, we still live in a digital world and all this can be achieved very easily nowadays. I,

Stefan Proynov, as part of the team of restorers and appraisers, and as part of the team of art experts, I urge, if we wish, that we can join forces and create a common digital catalog in which to describe all statues and all chapters as material, workmanship, and thus to contribute to a better vision of world art.


And we will also be able to save many monuments, especially from recent years, looted by the Arab world!

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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