Aug 24, 2022

Stefan Proynov: Attention very good forgery of Pertinax denarius

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Stefan Proynov, an expert in ancient and ancient art, has alerted the community to the existence of a single very well-made forgery of a silver coin of Emperor Pertinax.

The coin is very rare and sells for a high price.
This kind of fakes are produced in small quantities and so it is almost impossible to detect them in the market.
Antique coins are used for the core of the coin, so the chemical composition of the metal as well as the color is completely antique based.

Which can fool even the greatest experts.
In this case, there are differences in the iconography of the emperor’s face, and that is why I and my team detected it.
Stefan Proynov, I want to express my concern because this coin was produced in Bulgaria and is most likely available somewhere as an original.

Be careful and always consult two opinions are more than one and three opinions are more than two.


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