Apr 19, 2023

Stefan Proynov: Bulgaria 1 lev – 2002. FAKE ERROR COINS

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Stefan Proynov: Bulgaria 1 lev - 2002. FAKE ERROR COINS

Stefan Proynov: FAKE ERROR COINS this time from Bulgaria.
In recent years we have seen more and more coin dealers offering reworked style coins. MINT ERROR COINS.

On a BGN 1 coin. a 20 cent coin was imposed and struck with a hammer.
This is how a concave stamp of 20 cents is obtained on one side and the image is destroyed on the other.

Bulgaria – 1 BGN 2002, curiosity
България – 1 лев 2002 г., куриоз

The price at which it is sold is 120 times higher than the real value of the coin of BGN 1, which is equal to 60 Euros.
Professionals can clearly see this fraud, but there are people who do not understand and would end up in trouble.

We do not blame anyone directly because the seller may also be delusional, but we always say that two opinions are more than one and three opinions are more than two.

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For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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