Apr 1, 2021

Stefan Proinov: The fake fibulae

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The fibula was widespread in the ancient world, it was used as a fastening for a mantle or cloak and as a decoration – a brooch. They are found in all cultures and in all of them are specific, the most common are the Roman ones and that is why they are the most counterfeited, because they are affordable and large auctions generate big sales.

Gothic-type fibulae have their own specific market because they incorporate semi-precious stones, so they are more popular in Europe and much more expensive than others. With modern lear methods can be produced tens of thousands of copies, and the palette is quite wide.

The market is slowly but surely saturating. The counterfeiting business is booming and millions are being stung around the world. The truth is that the market of Antiques also follows its market rules and once there is demand, ways will be sought and there will be supply. Antique dealers do not suffer from scruples, there are no real and counterfeit goods for them, and there are sold and unsold, they are no different from other dealers who sell you equipment from China, for example, as original.

The truth is that Bulgaria is one of the countries with the greatest traditions in the production and sale of counterfeit antiques, and the profits from this business far exceed the arms and drug business, because the generated profits are many times higher than the real value. The figurine sells for 15-20 thousand dollars, if you do not catch naturally.

This is a scam. Counterfeiters say that it is not illegal to make replicas or similar copyrighted products, but it is illegal to mislead someone that it is an ancient object and sell it to him as an original! That’s right, they are right, but the truth is that illegal traders are the ones who commit fraud for greater profit.

Many artifacts are exchanged in museums, others are duplicated in private collections and so counterfeits offered for originals appear on the market, so I, Stefan Proinov, an expert in ancient and ancient art, tell you it is always good to consult before buying an object or coin. .

Two opinions are more than one, and three opinions are more than two. Our team searches for counterfeits and publishes them to protect collectors and numismatists! We would be grateful if you could send us photos of counterfeit coins and antiques to publish.

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