May 14, 2023

Stefan Proynov: Fake stamps in Bulgaria

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Stefan Proynov: Fake stamps in Bulgaria

Stefan Proynov: Forged seals in Bulgaria In addition to objects and coins, lead seals of both Byzantium and Bulgaria have been forged in recent years.




Stefan Proynov: Fake stamps in Bulgaria


I am attaching photos 1,2,3 of lead Byzantine seals lower grade forgeries, but there are those that are pressed on antique pieces of lead that retain the color and radiance of the antique and are higher grade forgeries.

Such are sold at auctions abroad. Naturally experienced experts distinguish between iconography and styles, study influences and ancient schools, study manufacturing technologies and last but not least how the metal reacts in different soils and the oxidation called patina.

Primixeri Hetko. On the other side is a Virgin – Agiasoretisa

Patina diseases and defects. Before buying something, always ask people who are specialists in this matter!


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