Jun 29, 2021

Stefan Proynov: Do you know why this coin is unique?

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Stefan Proynov: Do you know why this coin is unique?

Stefan Proynov: My coin is a gift from Kostadin Vezyov – collector number one not only in Bulgaria but all over the world, not only in my opinion, but also according to NGC: Coin Grading – Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Why is it unique, but because it has pieces of soul and heart. What this man did and glorified Bulgaria in the whole numismatic world, no one in the whole Bulgarian history managed to do, and somehow the media did not pay attention to it.

However, I had the honor to meet him and look into his eyes to feel his soul to be infected with his patriotism and patriotism to which he is dedicated. It is an honor for me to shake his hand, and he stood behind me with all his authority and gave me hope that as long as there are such Bulgarians there is hope for the revival of mother Bulgaria, as long as we carry a piece of Bulgaria wherever we are Bulgaria is alive.

Today I already carry this coin in my wallet and every time I take out my wallet I remember this Bulgarian who glorified Bulgaria. My name is Stefan Proynov and I do not understand numismatics from outside the ocean, but I will not bother to tell you about the Bulgarian Kostadin Vezyov, because he is not only a numismatist who glorified our country.костадин везьов, kostadin vezyv

He is not only a pride for our nation, he is an inspiration for the whole numismatic community except for those who envy, but envy is in them and they would never rejoice in the success of others or their own, because envy has corrupted their minds. .

Some people will say that I just hold a silver dollar in my hand, but I feel the pulse of his heart and smell the passion with which the fragrance of hope is sought, found and bought, what grade they will give him and how he once filled it like a piece of a puzzle. the place in the picture called a collection.
My name is Stefan Proynov and it is an honor and a privilege for me to brag that God has given me the strength to touch this great man.

And while the media in Bulgaria are dealing with nonsense, I will reveal a little bit of his soul, a soul full of patriotism! Beware, patriotism is contagious!
Thank you for letting me touch your soul.

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