Jan 25, 2020

The best metal for counterfeits.

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The best metal for counterfeits. Find out here which is the best counterfeit metal used by old technology? In Bulgaria, this metal is not commercially available because one counterfeit school just bought it. They make large copies of counterfeits mainly on coins. So manufacturing technology is easy and practically cheap.

The original coin is made of a cast of two parts of plaster. Then the molten metal is melted and poured into the mold and the coin is ready after a little processing of the model and it is ready for sale.


Mostly coins are imitated because the metal is dense and heavy. But this metal does not have the specific ring of silver. And if it is heated with a regular lighter, it melts because it melts 90 degrees and is intended in the industry to be a bismuth alloy for dentistry, electronics, thermal safety, etc., fire valves and more.The best metal for counterfeits

But practical counterfeiters from Novi Pazar, Bulgaria have been using it for decades and millions of copies have been made for dealers and numismatists for collectors and auctions. Why metal is metal, well, it’s thin-film and sculpts the best possible casting images, making it the best counterfeit metal.

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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