Apr 17, 2023

Stefan Proynov: Counterfeit American Dollar 1841

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Stefan Proynov Counterfeit American Dollar 1841

Stefan Proynov: Colleagues from NGC detected a fake American dollar issue 1841.
Such information should reach the general numismatic public.

A genuine 1841 Seated Liberty Dollar, even in lower grades, is an attractive target for counterfeiters on account of the sizeable numismatic premium it carries. NGC recently received a counterfeit that was betrayed by marks and depressions similar to another fake struck from the same dies. Learn more about how NGC’s experts determined it was fake at

Stefan Proynov: My investigation that this is a new matrix made in Italy, I will not comment on the manufacturing method and technology for security reasons.

The only way to combat fake coins made for fraud is to post them and share the posts to reach more people.
Only in this way will we frustrate their work and refuse them to do new projects.

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For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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