Sep 10, 2020

The golden eagle

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The golden eagle

The golden eagle is a symbol of power, but this artifact in the photo is a forgery that does not have the required quality.
This object is a very ugly copy of an ancient artifact. This is a massive solid casting, which is treated with wax and so another copy is cast.

Such artifacts are more commonly found than bronze and so the model was removed and later made of gold.
The purpose of this artifact is to mislead a merchant or collector.
The artifact itself is made to look quite used and erased.

The replica itself is an ugly copy and a very bad imitation of an ancient artifact.
But it’s also a style for counterfeiters to look like no one would make an ugly copy.
The eagle is a very common symbol of power in all eras – it is found in ancient nations and medieval art.
The golden eagle we present to you is a replica.

We tell you two opinions are more than one, so always consult with people who know ancient art.

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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