May 26, 2020

Bulgaria! Stolen Rhyton is for sale

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Bozhkov: Rhyton from my confiscated collection is already on sale on the free market
It is a rhyton, which was bought last year from a gallery in London. It was seized by the Bulgarian authorities on March 2 this year, and since last week it has been put up for sale on the free market. According to Bozhkov, this example “is sufficiently indicative of the attitude towards the cultural and historical heritage of those in power.”

Bulgaria! Stolen Rhyton is for sale

To prove his claims, the gambling businessman attached photos of the document with which the official purchase of the ancient rhyton on April 3 last year was made. It is clear from it that the item was sent to the address of Nove Holding at 43 Moskovska Street, and the amount for it was paid twice. What exactly was its price is not clear, as the numbers have been deleted.
Bozhkov also published a photo of a search and seizure report, which was signed by a technical assistant, an investigator and an investigating police officer. It describes a rhyton made of gray metal, which is composed of two parts – horn and protome. The horn is elongated, curving and widening at the top. The edge of the mouth is curved outwards and profiled. There is an inscription on the edge. The horn is connected to the protome by a ring. The protome is a horned mammal. The report also noted that investigators tied a thread with a white label with an identification inscription on the rhyton.
Bozhkov also showed his chat from May 19 this year, with which he was offered to buy the same item sent in a photo. Sender names deleted. The businessman claims that this is proof of his words.
Bozhkov’s collection of Thracian treasures and artifacts was confiscated by the prosecutor’s office during the winter, during the investigation against him. It was kept by his Trakia Foundation, which continues to try to get it back from the state.

The robbery of hundreds of artifacts from #CollectionVasilBozhkov began in January. In the beginning, the illegal and barbaric actions were carried out only by employees of the Prosecutor’s Office, then representatives of the Ministry of Culture also joined. The fate of the World Heritage items remained unclear after dozens of lies by the junta.
My plans were to exhibit in the largest private museum in the Balkans. For this purpose I also bought the building of the Telephone House in Sofia.
The example I will give you with one of the future exhibits in the museum is indicative enough of the attitude towards the cultural and historical heritage of those in power.
I bought this rhyton from a gallery in London last April.
He was seized illegally on March 2 this year. You already know how it is packaged and transported.
It appeared on the free market last week.
I leave the comments to those responsible.
#Be healthy

Yesterday, Bozhkov, again on Facebook, explained that his signal to UNESCO for the seizure of the collection had been suppressed by the Permanent Delegation of Bulgaria to UNESCO.
The prosecutor’s office has filed 11 charges against Vasil Bozhkov, including for leading an organized criminal group, money laundering, tax crimes, illegal trade in cultural and historical heritage, and trading in influence. There are also separate pre-trial proceedings for rape, coercion and murder, but no charges have been brought against him. He currently claims to be in Dubai.
At the end of January this year, the Minister of Culture announced that the antiques from Bozhkov’s collection would be confiscated and stored in the NIM. In early February, the press service of the Trakia Foundation raised the alarm that prosecutors were removing valuable items in boxes from the Moskovska building. The Minister of Culture denied the boxes.
Vasil Bozhkov: “MaVasil Bozhkov: Footage from a video from a security camera, clearly showing the removal of antiques in sacks and boxes. Materials”, prepared by the authorities for packaging antiques – foil and newspapers.

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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