Mar 31, 2021

A statue of the Gorgon Medusa has been installed in New York

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A statue of the Gorgon Medusa has been installed in New York

A statue of the Gorgon Medusa has been installed in New York, holding Perseus’ severed head in his hands.
According to the myth, Medusa was a beautiful mermaid, with gorgeous golden hair, she knew how to predict the future and she was free-spirited.
Athena was jealous of her beauty, and was outraged by her freedom. Poseidon, fascinated by the girl, began to chase her in an attempt to possess her.

Fleeing frightened by Poseidon, Medusa tries to find refuge in the temple of Athens, but the indignant Poseidon catches up with her there as well.
The hour of revenge is coming for Athens. Under the pretext that Medusa is to blame for the desecration of the temple, the goddess takes revenge on the girl, turning her into a monster, with snakes instead of hair and a look that petrifies people.

But even that was not enough for Athens. In the name of the goddess, Perseus beheaded Medusa. During the battle with Perseus, Medusa Gorgon carried Poseidon’s children under her heart.
The author of the sculpture, the Argentine-Italian artist Luciano Garbati, questions the characterization of the mythical figure as a monster and examines the woman behind the myth.

He asks the question, “What can be a triumph if you defeat the victim?” Garbati’s sculpture is directly related to the 16th-century Florentine masterpiece Perseus with the Head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini (1545-1554).
The jellyfish with Perseus’ head is like a symbol of justice. It was installed directly in front of the New York County Criminal Court, where high-profile cases are being heard, including the recent trial against Harvey Weinstein.

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