Jan 24, 2020

Counterfeiters have been and will be

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Counterfeiters have been and will be
Counterfeiters have been and will be. Since the creation of the first coins, counterfeiters have come with them. For centuries, this has been a problem for any country that has its own coinage. And always the punishment was death. Counterfeiters have been and will beBut there were still, there are, and now, and the thirst for getting rich quickly is great. Greed moves the world. Over the centuries, however, countries at a difficult time also needed counterfeiters. When an empire had to pay heavy taxes after the loss of war, then the state resorted to counterfeiters and the mints were producing counterfeits, most often the core of the coin was made of copper and gilded instead of gold. And so they saved themselves from the situation in such a case, with large payments there were always experts to verify that the coins were authentic and copies. There were counterfeiters as well as people who govern countries were also crooks. Even today politicians are not very righteous and today there are counterfeiters. The thirst for money and greed drives the world, and greed is the counterfeiter’s best ally.

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