Dec 9, 2019

Restoration and Counterfeiting

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fakeart Restoration and Counterfeiting

Restoration and Counterfeiting Often, restoration borders on counterfeiting when the object is directed to the black market and there is no fixation that the part has been repaired and that is where the restoration becomes counterfeiting.

Here is a point to note that when the repair is done not where it should be and from whom you need it in the proper order and technology, the border is crossed very easily and no one tells what percentage of the restoration is in percentages, for example.

How it was done and what was used as materials and technology is why we tell you “two opinions are always more than one and three opinions are two.” Do not buy from dubious persons, do not buy when in doubt, do not buy without consulting experts. One analysis, one certificate are more valuable than the quick profit you think you will make. So be careful and don’t buy when you have doubts about the counterfeiting of the item or coin!

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