Jan 17, 2022

Stefan Proynov: Macrinus provincial coin sold for $ 94,000

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Stefan Proynov: This is a very high price for a provincial coin.
It is true that it is a rare medallion, but it was still carved in the province, not in the capital of the empire.
The coin does not shine of gold or silver because it is bronze,
But as they say in numismatics, the desire to own something is priceless.

Classical Numismatic Group – Triton XXV, Lot 648
PHRYGIA, Apameia. Macrinus. AD 217-218. Æ Octassarion (35mm, 21.68 g, 6h). AY•T• K • M • OΠЄΛ • CЄOY MAKPCINOC CЄBA •, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Noah and the Ark: half-length figures left of Noah and his wife within open-lidded square chest, inscribed NΩЄ, set on waves; to left, raven perched left on open lid; to left, Noah and his wife standing left upon dry land, raising hands in prayer; above, dove flying right and holding olive branch; AΠAMЄΩ/N in two lines in exergue. …

11 Jan 2022 94,000 USD

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