Jan 28, 2020

The Netherlands and counterfeits!

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The Netherlands and counterfeits!

The Netherlands and counterfeits! Counterfeits in the Netherlands are few and produced by Bulgarians, who have been flooding the market with counterfeit items and coins for more than ten years.

Later they bought furniture and restored it and brought it to Bulgaria. So they kept their own canal by having fireplaces, but at a later stage they stopped paying for traffic and after Europe opened its borders a counterfeiter set up a workshop there, abandoning their properties and their family along with a criminal collusion with other Bulgarians.

fakes and flood the Netherlands. He then removed his family and lives and works in the Netherlands. Thus, the Bulgarian trail of counterfeits in the Netherlands has not stopped, but on the contrary, people are flooding the market.

For you betrayed: Stefan Ivanov Proynov

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